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It's Bloody Natural

Brand Identity

Brand Strategy

Social Media

At any given time, hundreds of millions of women around the world are menstruating. So why are we still so squeamish about the subject?

In many parts of the world, menstruating girls and women are still banned from conducting normal lives. Many girls in India can't access the kitchen or places of worship because their bodies are believed to be impure. In India, millions of girls drop out school every year due to period poverty and shame.

Periods are usually associated with disgust, shame and embarrassment. Our society makes us believe that menstruation isn't routine, shouldn't be spoken about publicly, and in extreme cases, girls should be ashamed when they are going through their periods.

This needs to stop immediately as this stigma severely degrades a woman's personal identity and self-confidence.

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Survey Research-09.png

After conducting an online survey for my research, the research concluded that a majority of the people believe menstruation shame exists because of the lack of awareness in men possibly a result of their upbringing and religious insecurities. In order to end the stigma around menstruation, we need to put a stop to period shaming.

But how do we do that? My solution is simple, I have created a campaign called 'It's Bloody Natural' aimed towards bringing awareness in men by creating a platform that enables men to learn and discuss the subject. 

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Brand Identity

I wanted my campaign to have the same feel as the brand 'Callaly'. Hence, I used the same colour palette and created my own brand identity for the campaign. 

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Pads 3-01.jpg
Pads 4-01.jpg
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Packaging Design

This campaign turns boring sanitary pads packaging into one that is inspiring, confident, and sparks conversation.

Website Mockup

The campaign comprises of a website that provides basic knowledge about menstruation and a Q&A section where anyone can post their doubts and get clarification on the same. 

Website mockup-03.jpg

Social Media

I created a social media presence mockup for the brand.

The idea is to click a picture of your favourite quote pad and post it on Instagram using #itsbloodynatural and help spread the word.

Instagram mockup.jpg
Visual Toolkit-01.jpg

Visual Toolkit

I created a visual toolkit of all the elements used in my design which includes the typeface, illustration style, logo design and colour palette.


The Brief

Brief set by Design Bridge

Choose a headline or news story from the 2021 New Year's Day edition of the Guardian. Next, select a brand from the given list, one that you feel passionate about, to inspire your approach.

Inspired by this news, create a brand-led response of what 2021 should look like; the year we all hope for, the year we deserve.

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